Monday, December 7, 2009

A Collection of Asian American Identity Poems, Pt. IV

(Backstory: I don't remember when these poems were written but my estimated guess would be around the Fall of 2009). 

The "Guess where I'm originally from" Game 

When you ask me
“Where are you really from?
“Where are your parents originally from?”
Or my personal all-time favorite,
“Where are your ancestors from?”

I’ll play a little game with you to answer your question
A guessing game, for kicks and giggles
And your job is not to guess what ethnicity I am
But rather to figure out what makes me ME

Before you get to learn what my colored skin is all about
And the complicated, terrible, and beautiful history that it carries

Let me tell you the passions of my life and what drives me forward
Let me excite you as I tell you where we as people will move towards
Let me be enigmatic and mysterious to your perceiving senses
Let me show you what I’m all about before you make any pretenses

I’ll be a question mark in your desire to box and label me nicely,
Turn myself into an exclamation, a comma, or perhaps a semi colon
When we get to the end of the game and I let you in on my skin
You’ll see me the way I want you to see me.


Let's Go 

I just wanna feel accepted//can't I just be accepted?//just wanna wake up to a simple day//a day without any struggle//but without struggle there is no passion//at this rate, will I ever attain a content and normal life?//but normal life is for suckas//for people who sit with their hands on their asses//let them sit, let them wander//i know i got a purpose that is worth fulfilling//but first i need to stop sitting on my own hands//so much potential, not enough action//yet the potential is growing//growing growing//growing so enormously//all i need is a light//a match to ignite the flames


pgee said...

So did you write these yourself? Pretty good, do you ever perform your pieces?

Anonymous said...

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