Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Crash drinking game

Words can't describe how much I get annoyed when I hear people praising how amazing Paul Haggis's "Crash" is. Described to be a "mind-blowing" film about racism in America, this "mind-blowing" film is really just a badly-written story where you take multiple characters, have them say the most racist/stereotypical/ignorant things possible, hash in some drama, and voilĂ . If anything, this is a literal crash (harharhar) course for people who believe racism is dead or believe that multiculturalism only applies to the black & white binary. Also, considering that the movie is set in LA, the portrayal of Asian Americans is incredibly minimal and relegated to the background. I mean, hello, did anybody remember the Los Angeles riots back in 1992?? The movie does portray a Korean couple who smuggle illegal Asian immigrants but for the life of me, I can't even comprehend how realistic that is. If the film-makers actually met Koreans who did that, well, I'll be damned.

With that said, to honor how ridiculously silly this movie is, I developed a drinking game for this movie where you take a shot every time a character says something outrageously racist/stereotypical/ignorant. My theory is, halfway through the movie, you should be absolutely trashed.

I'm gonna try this game out sometime next week and possibly film myself (and possibly other volunteers) while I watch the movie and take my tequila/vodka shots. Stay tuned.

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pgee said...

hahahah it should be epic. have fun!